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Travel Agents

To Start


Fill out the affiliation form with all your Company information. 

Once approved, you will be immediately part of this great community and can start booking Ground Transportation for your Customers all over the Globe.

No matter your Company size, everyone is welcome.


How it Works


As a CHM Member you'll have access to our easy reservation tools.

Enter your customer info and the trip details, and in a few seconds you'll be booking ground transportation on behalf your clients.

If they are traveling outside the USA, your quote will be ready in a few minutes.

Once we create your customer's account you'll be added as the Account's Agent, so in the future each time this person is using CHM you'll be receiving your commission, even if you didn't book it.

The day of the trip your Customer will receive automatic updates with Driver's contact information, and location such as on the way, on location, etc.




10% commission from the trip total (excluding fees and CC Processing charge)

As an Authorized Agent you'll have access to a dashboard where you can check all your reservations, commissions, and Customer's history.

We pay Commissions every Monday, with a Direct Deposit to your Bank Account.


A Global Market close to 100 billion dollars a year is out there waiting for you.

Join Chauffeur Market today, and take your share.

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