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  • How do I contact Customer Care?
    Our Customer Care team is available around-the-clock. No matter the day or time. SMS - +1 914-944-0110 WhatsApp (TEXT ONLY) - +1 914-944-0110 How to add a contact in WhatsApp? Open WhatsApp Go to Chats tab Tap New Chat > New Contact Add Chauffeur Market as a new contact Email:
  • Is Chauffeur Market more expensive than its competitors?
    Absolutely NO! However is important to remark that we're a real / authentic Limousine Service (we're NO Taxis, Black Car Service, TNC, etc) When you choose us, you are hiring a private luxury chauffeured service. You can compare our rates with the rest of the competitors in your area, and easily you'll discover that our prices are totally average in our category.
  • Are your prices all included?
    Yes! Chauffeur Market do not have hidden charges. Except the gratuity (is not included), All the rest of the charges that you see at the moment of your booking, is the final price you'll pay. If you want to tip your Chauffeur, do it directly with him/her/they. We're totally out of it. Unlike other competitors, Chauffeur Market does not use the tip as part of job payment. We assume 100% of our responsibility, but of course we and them, highly appreciate your generosity.
  • What type of cars does Chauffeur Market offer?
    Luxury, extra clean cars from the top brands in the market. We offer 2 different categories: Executive (the most popular), and Premium (for the most demanding). Models and brands could vary depending on the market that you're booking. Here in the US most popular cars for Executive Service are: Chrysler 300, Lincoln Continental / MKT, Cadillac XTX / XT6 For Premium Service: Mercedes Benz 450 / 550, BMW 525 / 750, Audi 6 / 8.
  • Does CHM provide baby and booster seats?
    Yes, we do. Being honest, we prefer not to handle baby seats at all, due to sanitization and safety reasons. However if you need this service we can provide it. It have and extra cost of $20.00 (p/unit), and the service it should be booked at least 24hrs in advance. If you book a round trip, we can also storage your baby/booster seat(s) for the same cost.
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